Family Support

Roles are reversed now. You are responsible for your parents or loved one’s health and well-being. This dramatic change is known to create worry, apprehension and unease.

We are empathetic toward your concerns (link to About Us) Having help in the home for your loved one allows you to attend to your own family, your career and as importantly just enjoy your visits with them. All in-home clients receive FREE Local transportation.

Private personal home care relieves many concerns:

Fearful your loved one will be confused with different Aides coming & going?
Our policy is to keep the same aide with the same client on a regular basis.

What if something goes wrong? Who can I call?
A Personal Client Service Manager is assigned to each case. They are your direct contact and can answer any questions or concerns you may have. They work directly with the family & their loved one to ensure we meet the quality care promised and deserved.

Worried that your loved one is eating and drinking enough?
Aide does the food shopping and prepares nutritious as well as favorite meals & tracks the amount of liquids they have a day.

Concerned that they are taking their medications ?
Aide goes to the pharmacy & ensures client’s taking the right dose at the right time.

Fear of them tripping or falling?
Aide does light housekeeping, removes scatter rugs, makes sure the floors are dry and unclutted; reminds client to use cane or walker; establish a safe & secure environment.

Anxious you don’t have time to take them to their appointment?
Aides will drive them to their doctor, dentist, hair or nail appointments.
They can also to take them to visit friends & relatives.

Troubled about transportation and companionship to next special
occasion ?
Aides can accompany your loved one to weddings, funerals, graduations,
special family gatherings. They are available on a daily basis or for an out of town event.

Concerned about isolation & depression developing?
Aides offer companionship which is known to ward off both dangers, especially during New England winters.

Are You Ready