Women’s Health Month: Self Care Tips For YOU!

Women's Health Month

Women’s Health Month: Self Care Tips For YOU!

Welcome to women’s health month! This month is particularly relevant for the caregivers out there: worldwide, 57% to 81% of all caregivers of the elderly are women (via), and women represent close to 70% of the global healthcare workforce (via). At Abundant Home Health Care, we want to recognize all the incredible and hard work that women dedicate to their loved ones and patients, and share some quick, relaxing ideas and reminders for women to take care of themselves — not just this month, but always!

Customize Your Vitamins! 

Part of staying healthy? Vitamins. Taking vitamins can feel annoying to keep up with (at least in our experience!) but making sure that you get the nutrients and minerals that your body needs to stay strong is important. Nowadays, there are many companies that have started to innovate within the vitamin space, creating customized vitamin packs, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing supplements, and improving the taste and daily “take your vitamins” experience. Check out this list of 10 of the Best Multivitamins for Women’s Health — we love some of the brands and ideas on this list, and are inspired to get back on our vitamin game!

Delegate Dinner: Hand-off the Cooking

Taking care of your families, your patients, your parents, and yourself can be overwhelming. Cooking dinner is sometimes the last thing you may want to do after a long day. If you’re typically the one to cook, here are some easy and quick dinners that you can hand off to your partner or kids. Take the night off! 

Take a Personal Day

Sometimes, we just need a day to do… nothing. Those vacation days you’re saving up? Why not take one and use it to relax. Schedule a day where you limit your responsibilities and to-do list. You deserve a day to destress in whichever way you choose. Whether that is sleeping in or taking multiple naps, visiting the salon, or cooking your favorite food (and not sharing!) — try to take some time just for YOU. 

Daily Self Care Wins

Can’t schedule that personal day soon enough? There are always small, simple steps you can take daily to make yourself feel good and keep yourself healthy. 

Women of the world — you work hard! Taking care of loved ones and patients is not easy, and we are here to remind you to take care of yourself, too! As always, if you or a loved one needs at-home support, Abundant Home Health Care is here for you. Reach out today